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This is one of my most favorite "boudoir" sessions ever!!  I call it "boudoir" instead of boudoir because most boudoir sessions include lingerie.  As you look at the images below you'll notice there is not one single piece of lingerie.  Just shorts and tank tops : )  You don't have to spend tons of money on lingerie to book a boudoir session and I wanted you guys to see that you can use what you already have in your closet...sometimes we just need to sex it up a bit.

Megan is the hair genius part of my incredible hair and makeup team.  She met up with Angela, my amazing makeup artist, and they created a look that is nothing short of stunning.  

Megan has been my client and friend for almost 5 years now.  In those 5 years I have shot countless sessions for her, most of them have been rescheduled due to rain.  I'm not kidding.  If I put her on my calendar, it's going to rain.  Today was no different...after rescheduling twice we finally just decided to shoot around the rain. So of course, as soon as we arrive to the location, it starts raining.  I'm so glad we waited it out because what we ended up with is pure fairytale magic!!  

We shot the wooded photos first since it was mostly covered and my goodness they are so dreamy!!  (Yes, this bed and flower crown are available for your session)  Then we headed to the creek which was just a short hike from there.  We shot this session super early (9am) and in the middle of the week so we could have the creek to ourselves.  Naturally, as soon as we get in the water, a family with small children show up for some swimming time.  The creek isn't extremely large so I knew they would be in our way and most importantly, they would make Megan uncomfortable.  So i fibbed.  I told the mom that we would be conducting a nude photo shoot hoping that she wouldn't want her kids exposed to a beautiful naked girl.  It worked! They were disappointed but thankfully they left which allowed us to get some really great stuff.

This session was so much fun to shoot.  It's classy and super sexy!  

And a huge thanks to Megan for allowing me to share some of her session!

Call or text 423-304-1621 or e-mail to book your session.

Call or text 423-304-1621 or e-mail to book your session.

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