Thursday, September 20, 2012

Doing a little catching up...

Here are a bunch of photos I've taken over the year.

It's been a long time...

since I've written a blog. Life has been crazy busy and blogging has been last on the list. I'm going to *hopefully* start blogging on a regular basis.

I'm going to start with the AMAZING wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago. Laura and Jeff invited me to shoot their wedding on Jekyll Island. The location of the ceremony was held on Driftwood Beach. Driftwood Beach is the beach where I married my husband so of course I was so stoked to be able to go back and shoot a wedding there.

It's beautiful huh? I'm in love with this place. Seriously. 

This is Jeff and Laura. Aren't they precious?? 

Jeff and Laura decided to see each other before the ceremony. Also know as a 'first look'. A 'first look' is a great idea when the most important thing to you are the photos. Which was the case for this beautiful couple. 

Don't you just love the look on Laura's face? This is my favorite part of the day. When the bride and groom see each other for the first time. The look on their faces is probably my most favorite picture of the day. 

This is Jeff, the groom.

This is our other star of the day. Ann Marie. This sweet little girl is Laura's daughter. She was very excited about the wedding!

And finally the beautiful bride, Laura.

We decided to shoot in the historic area of Jekyll Island so they would have tons of variety for their photos. 

Ann Marie wasn't happy about not being able to be in every photo. She was so sweet!

I love all the spanish moss in the area!! 

Laura's mother made her bouquet. Isn't is gorgeous? 

While waiting on the ceremony to start, I spotted a little crab crawling up the piece of driftwood I was standing near. 

This is the look.
 The look that the bride has when she see's her groom standing at the end of the aisle. It melts my heart!! 

Ann Marie got to walk her mom down to meet her groom. She was so excited to play such a big part in the special day.

Laura's dad played the guitar and sang as she walked down the aisle. 

After the ceremony we had just enough time to get the family photos before it started pouring down rain!!
Which also meant we didn't get any bride and groom photos with all the amazing driftwood. 

It worked out perfect for us. We ended up shooting the next morning bright and early around 7am. 
The lighting was perfect!!

The next photo was taken in the exact spot where Matt and I said 'I do'! I couldn't believe how much it had changed in just six months.

 I love this next one of Laura. She looks so stunning and natural at the same time. Just beautiful!!