Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our wedding details...vendors, secrets and such!

I've had tons of emails asking questions about our wedding. Where we got this and who we called for that and so here's a blog that answers ALL the questions : )

First, the dress!!

I knew from the moment we decided we wanted a beach wedding, there would be a trash the dress session in the ocean at some point. Therefore, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a dress that might end up ruined in the ocean. That's when I decided that I would have one made. It turned out better than I expected!! Katie Ross did such an amazing job!!! This sweet lady works from her home and has a incredible passion for what she does. I got the fabric (champagne satin and cream lace) from JoAnn's fabric for less than $80. (I used a 50% off coupon...that means I saved $80!!) I took the fabric to Katie with one photo of what I wanted my dress to look like. 

And this is what she came up with!

The dress in the photo that I brought Katie had a zipper in the back. I thought it was too plain for me, so I asked Katie if she could add in a corset back. And of course, she did. She made the rope for the corset from some of the left over satin. 

Corset shown below.

The entire dress cost less $200!!! Contact Katie at 706-866-1724, be sure to tell her I sent you : )

Now for the umbrellas me and my bridesmaids used for photos. Only $7.95 each!!

They were such a great prop for our photos!!

Location, location, LOCATION!!! It really is the most important part of wedding planning. We knew we wanted a beach wedding but I knew we needed more than sand and water to have incredible wedding photos! I started searching the internet for unique beaches. That's when I found Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island. 

It was PERFECT!!!! The driftwood and all the rocks made a fantastic backdrop for our wedding photos.

Flowers: I couldn't have been more happy!!
Gail is so great at what she does!! And so patient! She let me sit in her office for about an hour and look through thousands of photos of flowers!!! And every one I liked she would bring it out and let me see it in person! 

These were the flowers for the bridesmaids...

The brown curly things are called monkey tails, the big dark orange furry looking flowers are pincushion proteas. Also included are orange and white spray roses, fuji mums, green buttons and orange lilies.

She used fern around the outside and we decided to tie the bouquets with hemp instead of ribbon. It gave us the natural feeling we were going for, it matched the beach perfectly!

Below is a photo of the first thing I purchased for the wedding. It's called a bouquet token.
Lisa Leonard Designs does amazing custom work!! Here's a link to her Facebook Page...

My hair style was created by the wonderful Sami at Rio Hair Studio in Jacksonville, FL.
She is so wonderful!! She drove all the way to St. Simons Island to do the hair for me and my bridesmaids.

My incredible makeup artist was Paulina Perez!!!! This woman is TALENTED!! She's worked with all kinds of famous people! Such a sweet girl and so easy to work with!

We had our rehearsal dinner at Barbara Jeans...seriously some of the BEST food I've ever had.

We stayed the weekend at the gorgeous Floataway Cottage. This is also where we had the reception. 

Rings: my set and his ring both came from Rone Regency in Chattanooga, TN.

Since it was a beach wedding, we couldn't wear shoes but I thought we needed something on our feet. So we wore soleless shoes!!
Super cute! And you can find them on Etsy at 4MyDolly

I also have custom made hangers for the bridesmaids...also on Etsy, check them out!

I hope I could help answer all the questions!!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Prom 2012

It's that time of year again!! PROM! I love prom sessions. I look back at my prom photos from when I was in highschool and think, geez...why didn't I hire a professional photographer?

The prom dress...the second most important dress you'll ever wear, besides your wedding dress of course.

Let's start with Brianna and her gorgeous dress!

Next up is Morgan!

Isn't this dress to die for? Prom dresses didn't look like this when I was in highschool!

Morgan and Shelbi

Now for Shelbi. I swear I have the most beautiful clients ever!!

Such a great dress on a beautiful girl!!