Sunday, November 25, 2018

Kelsey + Caleb - After Session | Chattanooga, TN | HMX Photography

After Session.  What's an after session?

I'm glad you asked!  After sessions are my favorite way to document a bride and groom.  This is a session that's separate from the actual wedding day.  Usually a few weeks or so after your big day!

I asked the bride a few questions to better explain an after session from her perspective:

HMX:  What made you decide that an after session was for you?
K: We knew for sure that we didn't wanna do a first look, we wanted the ceremony to be the first time we saw each other.  We also didn't want our guests waiting forever on the wedding party to be announced so they could eat.

HMX:  Were you more relaxed on the wedding day knowing you weren't rushed for time?
K: It definitely calmed my nerves the day of the wedding and allowed me extra time to touch all my pieces that I spent months picking out with my mama!

HMX:  In what other ways did the after session benefit the wedding day?
K: It also allowed me special times with my mama throughout the day to decorate together.  I can tell you where every piece was placed.  The day seemed much longer and I never felt rushed.  I was able to enjoy every second of our special day.

K: The best reason is that our after session got to be just US!!  Easy, laid back, comfy, cozy and in our element just being us.  No timelines, no rules, no fancy extras, just us lovin'.