Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mrs. M's Boudoir | Boudoir Photography | Chattanooga, TN Boudoir Photographer | HMX Photography |

Boudoir! Boudoir is my favorite part of being a photographer. All of our boudoir sessions include professional airbrush makeup and hair styling! 

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  1. So, you are probably thinking why would she choose Boudoir Photography as her specialty? My answer, is "What's there not to love?"! I get to help women look and feel beautiful, empower themselves, women who look at the models in the magazines and think "I will never look like that".... feel like that! I refuse to alter you in a way that you won’t recognize yourself, I want you to look at these photos, and feel your essence, see the beauty that the rest of the world already sees in you. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our day to day priorities, that we forget what makes us feel good. Think to yourself, when was the last day you felt absolutely amazing?